So far so good!

I have been challenging my self to grow a small account into a larger one in a reasonably short amount of time. I am still working on the strategy, but for now I wish to share my progress with you (demo account):

Trading History
Trading History of a 1000USD account | Leverage: 200 | 57% growth in a week. Check it out on

My strategy is mainly focused on price action, support/resistance and occasionally Bollinger Bands. I used 5 to 30 minutes timeframes in my technical analysis. You may find it a completely different strategy from my previous signals I shared with you. The signals are generally intraday and takes into account the larger timeframes and trends. However in this quick scalp strategy I’m developing, the larger trend may not play a great role in the decisions, but “TIME” does.

Watching how market moves throughout the day, you’ll be able to recognise a pattern reoccurring in certain times of a day (I’ll be sharing all this in a more elaborate post).

Next I’ll be growing a 400USD account and see how fast this new quick scalp strategy will help it grow!

Stay tuned! 🙂